How to Reverse Your Sciatica Pain in The Next 8 Weeks

98% of our clients report a 50% reduction of pain within 5 weeks

My unique Sciatica Relief Plan will help you get out of pain and get you back to living Again!

About Dean Volk

Sciatica pain can put your life on hold and make your favorite activities nearly impossible to enjoy. Many of my clients simply want to be able to play with their children or grandchildren, go for a walk with the dog, go on vacations, cook a meal or just go on a pain-free drive in the car.

Unfortunately, many sciatica sufferers feel they will have to live with their pain forever.

I believe you should never be held back by something that is so treatable.

You just need the right guidance. I will show you two simple principles that can make all the difference. (Balance and LML). If you are ready, I know I can help you get out of this dilemma.

Our Simple 3 Step “Balance Method” That Has Helped Over 3000+ Sciatica Sufferers Find Relief in 8 Weeks or Less

1. Focus on stretching the non painful side and balancing out your imbalances.

We are going to go into the opposite direction of the traditional physiotherapy/medical system.

Our main goal is to find a way to relieve your pain ASAP and make sure it stays that way, without medication or injections.

This is done by focusing on the non painful side and allows us to find a key way to balance the body, allowing it to go back to its natural state and begin healing naturally.

2. Stabilize in a balanced position and maintained pain relief

Now that we have reduced the pain and have you in a stable position.

We now need to find a custom solution on how to strengthen your body to maintain your pain relief.

So we have created a pain proof plan to help you strengthen the areas of your body so that you can maintain balance and function normally without pain.

3. Claiming your life back forever.

We want to make sure this is the last time Sciatica controls your life.

So once we get that pain eliminated we need to make sure it stays that way.

We are going to show you how to maintain a pain free lifestyle while remaining active.

And you’ll NEVER have to worry about Sciatica striking again.

With our simple steps to recovery plan you’ll have a smooth transition back to your normal life in no time.
(Some clients have reported that their lives have even improved after the program).

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