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Frequently Asked Questions

There is NO ONE specific exercise that works for sciatica sufferers. Each person is different as each person compensates differently for their pain. To give an exercise would be merely guessing without teaching you how to assess yourself for your imbalances first.

Statistically, 80% of initial sciatica bouts last 4-6 weeks and disappear on their own. IF you have symptoms lasting longer than that, it is impossible to say pecifically how long as no two people are alike. Many factors determine the duration of the pain: what is the cause, are you able to recognize your triggers and avoid them, are you doing the right exercises to balance out your imbalances to name a few.

In most all cases of bulging or herniated discs, our approach works to calm the symptoms. Most people over 30 have bulges or herniations without symptoms, so please know that either of those, along with many other “findings” do not mean you have to live with pain.

Calf pain is very common with sciatica. It merely tells us the area of the sciatica nerve that control the calf is being irritated.

Pain often travels anywhere from the low back to toes or all throughout that area at
once due to how irritated the sciatica nerve is. It can also be related to how your body
is compensating for the pain.

There is a very good chance you can live normally again. Typically the reason for symptoms lasting so long can be a number of things: the treatments you are doing are not the right treatments for you, you are relying on medication to mask the pain and you continue to aggravate the issue and the exercises you are doing may not be appropriate for you specific issue.

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My approach is 180* opposite of what most professional teach and do, so IF you are NOT getting the results you need and deserve, it may be time to try something totally different. Specifically, I do NOT allow you to do exercises that are painful or aggravate your symptoms, I work the entire body and move what is comfortable and not restricted. This allows the body to calm, ease tension and stress and put the body in an optimal position and condition to fully heal.