Everyone is looking for the quick fix, and unfortunately, full healing does not move as quickly as anyone would hope. But, it IS possible and there are two very simple things anyone can do starting immediately.

    1. Drink more water. Did you know that your body is nearly 60% water? Your muscles are 75% water and your brain is nearly 85% water? It is actually amazing we walk, instead of flow or wave around place to place. In 2013, research was showing nearly 75% of Americans walk around in a chronic state of dehydration. Drinking too little water leads to fatigue, joint pain, weight gain and too many other health issues to list here. SO, the big question is, are YOU drinking enough water? 8-10 glasses a day? For a simple calculation on how much you should be ideally getting is this: Take your body weight and divide by 2. The answer is the number of ounces you need, to be on the low end of enough water in a day. SO, IF you are 150 pounds: 150/2 = 75, and 75 ounces of water would be the minimal amount you should drink to stay hydrated.
    2. Get enough sleep! There is one thing that every health expert agrees on to achieve optimal health, and that is getting enough sleep. They may fight over the proper diet, how much water is ideal, best exercise routine etc… But, the one thing that every expert I have spoken with or read up on agrees to and that is getting enough sleep is critical for optimal health. Do you

know how much is ideal or enough for you? Many studies have been done and the standard 8 hours is consistently seen across every study for adults (less for younger people). But, anywhere from 7-9 hours from 18-65 year olds, with older adults 7-8 hours. So, the question is, are you getting enough sleep every day? The 3 big benefits from getting enough sleep are weight control, physical health (including healing and repairing of our blood vessels and heart), and lastly, increased energy. Getting enough sleep also enables the brain to clear out and “reboot” from the previous days input.

There you have it. IF you drink more water and get the proper amount of sleep, YOU will be doing your body a huge favor in terms of overcoming many health ailments, including sciatica. Sound easy enough? I hope you found this simple and helpful!!

As always, please feel free to reach out to me at Info@SciaticaReliefNow.net with any questions OR IF you would like a FREE Video Consultation on things you can do right now to help calm your symptoms.

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