1. PAIN MEDICATIONS: I am NOT anti-pain medication to control pain BUT:

IF you are doing things that are typically PAINFUL without the medication, you can be doing MORE damage without knowing it – as the medication is masking the pain. Depending on the medication to function is dangerous in this regard, so PLEASE be cautious with overdoing it while on pain medications so you DO NOT do more damage!

2. BRACE or WRAP: I am NOT against Braces for helping with pain BUT:

IF you are depending on brace to maintain stability and avoid pain, THIS can cause overall muscle weakness and further the issue and cause you to depend on the brace MORE than you should-> which can lead to further damage as muscles lose their ability to support you as they should, thus causing MORE of a dependence on the brace.

3. EXERCISES: As a PT, I am NOT against exercises –> I LOVE exercises, BUT:

If exercises aggravate or stress the sciatic nerve, you are probably doing the

wrong exercise! MOST people try to stretch out their buttocks or hamstring on the PAINFUL side, thinking they need to “pull out” the pain and stretch it out. BUT, IF you think of it as an irritated tissue (nerve) and by stretching or aggravating it further, does it make sense that you can be irritating it further?

To hear and watch a video on this topic: Click HERE

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