Sound familiar? I hear this on a weekly basis by several people who are just starting down recovery road with me. It is all too common to feel like your life is over and everything will have to change for you to continue to live. But, there is HOPE! There is a way out of this mess, despite what you feel right at this moment. Too many people have gone through way too much for way too long following the wrong advice and they feel defeated!

I deal with clients just like you on a daily basis, and nothing gives me greater joy and satisfaction to watch hope restored, a smile flashed and heaviness lifted as I explain how I work and the results they should expect. SO, I decided to write a quick blog to let YOU know that YOU too can find hope and relief from the curse and agony of sciatica.

What IF what you have been told to do to find relief has been wrong? What IF there were simple principles, when followed resulted in pain easing, body healing and relief noted? Well, I am here to tell you, there IS a way to beat this back and it is rather simple.

IF you have been told to stretch the painful leg and buttocks, please STOP! IF you have been told to tennis ball or foam roll the painful side, please STOP! IF you have been told to “floss” the painful sciatic nerve side, please STOP! IF you are still reading, I am assuming you have either never been told those three things and are wondering what comes next, OR you have been told to do those things and you are still suffering and want to know what to do next!


Our bodies are amazing machines that need some TLC especially when injured or in pain. That being said, by following these 4 simple principles, you will be giving your body the best chance of healing.

    1. Increase positive stressors and decrease negative stressors. Simply put, garbage in garbage out. If you irritate what is irritated, or stress what is aggravated, you will cause further stress, irritation and aggravation to that area. But, IF you avoid stressing and irritating what is aggravated, you allow the body to relax and heal what is injured / irritated.
    2. (Goes hand in hand with #1) The right motion is lotion for the body. By avoiding working what is painful and irritated, you give the body opportunity to relax and heal. SO, instead of massaging or rubbing the painful side and instead of stretching the tight hamstring, buttocks or sciatic nerve, stretch and massage the non-painful, looser side and see what happens. YOU may be pleasantly surprised.
    3. Drink enough water as it is liquid magic for our bodies. Great rule of thumb and formula to follow is body weight / 2 = number of ounces you should minimally drink a day to remain properly hydrated. Your body needs adequate water intake to maintain its normal function, and studies have shown that most of us walk around in a state of dehydration without knowing it.
    4. Get enough sleep. Our bodies rejuvenate, heal and reset when we sleep and getting enough sleep is essential for healing and our health overall. Good rule is 7-9 hours average a night.

Overall, these simple tips have helped 100’s of my clients through the years recover from sciatica issues. Most had failed treatments that had focused on attacking the painful side with aggressive stretching and massaging which only led to more pain and frustration.

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